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CNSL Mortar

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CNSL Mortar

CNSL Mortar is highest consuming Acid Proof Materials amongst all other Joint Filling Acid Proof Mortars.

Cashew CNSL Mortar has excellent Resistance against both Acids and Alkalies upto its Specific limits. Cashew CNSL Mortar is widely used for Joint Filling or Bedding and Jointing materials for bricks / tiles or mandana stones lining works in several Industrial Projects. The Joints filled up with Cashew (CNSL) Acid / Alkali Proof Mortars give all plants trouble free services for years and years.

    Application of CNSL Mortar:

  • Cashew Mortar is most suitable for Dyes and Intermediates, Steel, Power, Solvent Extraction, Textile, Metal Chemicals, Bulk Drugs, Yarn Processing, Rayon and Fiber, Bromine Plants.
  • CNSL Mortars are most suitable and identical Joint Filling Material for Laying and Fixing of S.W. (Stone Ware) pipes which leads effluent waste water from different plants to main ETP Collection Tanks.
    Features of CNSL Mortar:

  • It will provide very good protection against most acids, alkali solvents, oil, fats, salts etc.
  • However it is not recommended for protection against HF, fluoride salts etc.

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