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Epoxy Crack Filling

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Epoxy Screed

Epoxy Crack Filling products are useful for filling cracks manually. It is useful to joint wall and pillar's joint and also useful for wider crack in wall or any concrete structures.

Crack Filling Epoxy prevents the surface from destroying by cracks.

Epoxy Crack Filling Work is used for filling wider crack in Beam, Pillar, Slab and Walls. It is used for grouting of footing foundation for pillar.

    Advantages of Epoxy Crack Filling:

  • Non toxic can be mixed by hand
  • Durable
  • Solvent free
  • Easy to use requires two components to be mixed in equal proportions
  • Chemical resistant
  • Easily applied by putty blade nonmetal floats
  • Non Slump can be easily applied on vertical surfaces
  • Reduce usage of subsequent coatings
  • Cures without shrinkage
  • Color match in to parent concrete
    Application of Epoxy Crack Filling:

  • First of all clean the crack by wire brush. Apply one coat of PRIMER on both the edge of crack.
  • Mix Epoxy and Hardener with throaty staring manually and then add quartz as per proportion.
  • Apply the mortar in cracks with iron trowel manually.
    Epoxy Crack Filling Cleaning:

  • After completing your work clean all the tools with methyl ethyl Kenton or any solvents. Epoxy Crack Filling are available as per the specifications mentioned by clients.

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