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Silicate Mortar

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Refractory Work

Silicate Mortar manufactured by us is principally used with acid resisting bricks and tiles for acid resisting masonry construction, because of its very low cost.

Silicate Mortar Work is highly recommended in acid proof brick/tile lining where concentrated Sulphuric and Nitric Acids are used. It is most identical cement mortar for the Acid Proof and refractory brick lining work into the RCC chimneys & towers since it has an unique nature of Acid and Heat Resistance.

    Features of Silicate Mortar:

  • Corrosion proof silicate solution mortar
  • Chemical resistant mortar which after setting and curing provides off-white solid mass
  • Resistant to oxidizing & non-oxidizing acids except hydrofluoric acid
  • Maximum temperature of 900° C
    Usage of Silicate Mortar:

  • Used for acid resistant bricks/titles lining that functions as bedding and jointing mortar for tanks floor, drains, foundation.

Because of its high temperature resisting properties Silicate Mortar is also recommended for refractory brick.

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